Stephan Sauerburger
February 10, 1982 - January 15, 2021

Chinese translation

Stephan worked for 6 years to fulfill his promise to his dying grandmother, Dr. Jean-Robert Bayard, to publish her book to support activists.

The video to the left features an interview of him with Judy Carman where he explains it in his own words, or click here to hear a 5-minute excerpt shared during his Celebration of Life.

To learn how get your free copy of the book or a workshop, click here.

Celebration of Life
Chinese translation


picture of Stephan smiling, his hair is short

Annapolis, MD, USA
    Stephan wrote a profile when he joined "Couchsurfing," probably around 2012, before he visited / lived in Taiwan, Mexico and Poland. Enjoy!


    I discovered early on that I was unwilling to settle for an ordinary life or work for someone else. My vegan restaurant and cafe in Tokyo have provided an excuse to travel now and then, as well as the freedom to moonlight in other pursuits such as spreading animal rights and welfare to the world. I love my parents and would come back from around the world to take care of them at the drop of a hat if they needed me to. My life is a story that keeps getting wilder, and I'll take a downswing over a sure thing any day.

    I lost a needle in a hay stack once and found it. My carpet vacuums itself. Every day is my lucky day. I'm 5'11" on paper but 6'4" when you tickle me. I have more fun than my childhood friends, except when they are having a LOT of fun. Nine out of ten doctors agree that at least one dose of me per week causes increased levels of dopamine. They also agree that one out of ten doctors is an idiot.

    I hate fantasies because they always come true. A horse led me to water once, but I refused to drink because she didn't say please. I don't pay attention to fashion because it is always a step behind. Cats and dogs pet me. When I'm at the beach I tend to do a lot of shoal searching. Never mind half-full; for me the glass is flowing over the brim. Charlie Sheen takes winning lessons from me. I had an awkward moment once - just to know what it felt like. When you meet me, the pleasure will be all yours.


    Do it early and fail faster. Regrets come not from that which I failed at but that to which I didn't give a chance.


    With two spare bedrooms near Annapolis, I've hosted people from as far as Tokyo looking to check out DC. In my adventure-binges I much prefer boats, trains and couchsurfing with new friends to airplanes, hotels and tourist packages.


    While I've hosted and been hosted by international friends I met the old fashioned way in over a dozen countries before finding this site, I now open myself to new possibilities.


    Entrepreneurism, traditional art, psychology, modern and ancient history.
    animals pets cats dogs arts books fashion causes vegan drinking traveling biology history psychology beaches

    Music, Movies, and Books

    Frank Herbert, Chinese writing Shakespeare, Quentin Tarantino. In reverse order.

    One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

    Watched Captain Eo - simply the greatest short movie ever written.

    Teach, Learn, Share

  • The combined weight of ants in the world exceeds that of humans.
  • America fired the first shot at Pearl Harbor.
  • How many times does the number "9" appear between 1 and 100? Bonus if you get it right.

    What I Can Share with Hosts

    A quiet time with a conversation and a good book or two.

    Countries I’ve Visited

    Cambodia, India, Laos, South Korea, Thailand

    Countries I’ve Lived In

    China, Japan, Malaysia, United States


  • vegan/vegetarian
  • Vegetarians of Texas

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