Crossing at uncontrolled crosswalks with parallel vehicles from the stop sign beside you --
Is this strategy reliable?

Photo shows a stick figure on a corner, facing to cross a 2-lane street that has no stop sign or traffic signal.  In the street to the left of the figure is a car at a stop sign, waiting to cross the same street.

One strategy for crossing streets with no traffic control is to cross with cars that cross the street from the stop sign beside you (some people refer to this vehicle as a "shield car").

As illustrated with the photo to the left, using the strategy the little stick figure would start crossing as soon as the vehicle to its left had started to move from the stop sign and was far enough to ensure that it was going across the intersection (going straight or turning left).

Rationales for this strategy are that crossing with a vehicle from the stop sign will . . . Predictability of clearance from drivers waiting at the stop sign

Research to verify reliability of street-crossing strategy
Ann Marie McLaughlin, P.E. and Dona Sauerburger, COMS