The Internet Café in Yong Nian
... and the route through the town

The Diary from China was written from internet cafés ("Wang ba") in each place we visited. In Yong Nian, the route to the Wang Ba involved going from our hotel to cross the bridge over the moat and then go through the tunnel under the city wall that surrounds the town.

Photo of our hotel was taken from the bridge -- behind us is the city wall. The arch was installed for the opening of the tai chi center (see photos).

A wall surrounds the city of Yong Nian (see photos). This tunnel goes through the wall -- the photo was taken in the city looking back towards the moat.

Once through the tunnel, we walked along the street shown below, looking for the alley – if we reached the strange blue man on the right, we’d gone too far.

At the front of the alley was a red banner. Near the end of the alley, by the motorcycle on the right, just past the blue banner, was a recessed door.

Once we ducked under the white cloth in the doorway, we were in the wang ba, joining townsfolk who came here to access the internet, play videogames and download movies to watch.
In the photo to the left, our friend, the Tai Chi student/disciple, is in the doorway and Stephan is getting settled at one of the computers in the back.

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