from Diary November 26, 2006 – Bangkok, Thailand)

We got back to Chalam's very late because of an incredible traffic jam, his family had already eaten and so Stephan, Chalam and I went to the same vegetarian restaurant that we went to the previous night (our first night in Thailand). This time we talked with the waitress, who was thrilled to find that we are vegetarians and have been for many years. She had became a vegetarian recently and shared her enthusiasm for being thoughtful of animals, I felt like sisters sharing our concern for the animals. Turns out there is a Buddhist center next door, with a small auditorium on one floor and on another floor was a shrine and meditation room, all of which was started by some Buddhist missionaries from Taiwan who spread vegetarianism! They shared some books and pamphlets written in Chinese and Thai, and were thrilled to know that Stephan could read it – Stephan is going to see if he can help them, and send PETA materials there. Anyway, what a serendipitous event, at a restaurant so close to Chalam!

Monday, November 27, 2006
Hi guys! I have a half hour to tell about the National Forest and the Thai dancing. I'll start with the dancing. Chalam and his son joined us, so we were 7 people, starting with a dinner at our favorite vegetarian Buddhist restaurant, the food is great there and of course they were all smiles and friendly -- we took some pictures

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