(from Diary December 8, 2006)

We enjoyed a trip to a temple near the university with Atsunori Fujii and Hiromi Yoshida.

On the road to the temple, we passed tall, beautiful bamboo [left photo below, with Atsunori Fujii in the middle, Hiromi Yoshida standing on the right] and a tree bearing fruit in December. In the photo on the right [below] Atsunori, with his wife’s umbrella, points to the trees that fascinated us – we wondered if they grow that way naturally, or are trimmed.

[Photo below left] Atsunori, Stephan and Hiromi in front of the temple. In the photo to the right [below] Hiromi looks at strips of paper with printed fortunes. They are available in the temple, but for the fortune to come true, people must hang the paper on these lines.

The woodwork under the eaves of the temple is complex and ornate.

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