Excerpted from the Diary from China:
Two of the first Chinese characters I learned were those for "man" and "woman" ("man" looks to me like a guy with two running legs and a large compartmentalized panel for a head, and "woman" looks like a horizontal line from which two legs dangle and cross, though when Stephan explained the meaning, neither character had anything to do with legs or heads!

So when I saw on the sides of the police cars the character for "woman" with another horizontal line over top of it (with the two ends of the line turned down, like a sideways bracket "]" or the lid to a box), I asked Stephan about it. He said the sign for "safe" is a woman in a house (i.e. under the lid)! Cool, huh?

Below is the symbol for "woman" (left) and "safe" (right) and at the bottom is a picture showing the writing on the side of a police car.

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