Diary from China – Tuesday-Wednesday, July 26-27, 2005; Shanghai


Excerpt from the Diary:  We got home and helped Grandma make wontons and watched her make the wonton soup for lunch (best wonton soup I’ve had!) and then off we went again, on an adventure to get a silk dress for Jomania (our son Paul’s wife).


There were 6 of us, and we first went to the finest silk tailor in all of Shanghai, chose the fabric and pattern and found out it would be $150 for the dress!  So we slipped out (but not before I had taken a picture of the tailor, thinking he was making the dress!) and took another bus to a tourist trap / flea market.


We had our plan ready – we would find the dress, and then the round-eyes slip out and our Chinese friends would bargain for us.  I’m SUCH a popular person there, everyone was in my face saying “lady, watch your bag!” while showing me pictures of bags and things that I could see if I would just follow them down the row of stalls to their special delight!  I think they meant “LOOK at the bag” or “Watches!  Bags!” but it came out so appropriately as “WATCH your bag”!


We looked along several rows, wanting a dress that is lined, and finally some of the vendors told us where we could find one, and we found what I hope is the perfect dress!  I enthused about it until Zhang Wei quietly told me to tone it down, which I did and left.  They got the price down from $50 to $21!  After we got the dress, we went to a fast-food place that had Shanghai local food, very interesting treat we had, then started walking about a mile to an ATM machine where Stephan could get the money to pay his landlord before we leave today.





In our long walk to the ATM machine, we found a picturesque spot on top of one of the street-crossing bridges.  Our expedition party includes (back row, from left to right) Zhang Wei, Zhang Mama, Ling, Uncle Michael and Stephan (front).  Mama Zhang and Ling have their photo taken with the tailor who makes silk dresses.




Success!  We found the perfect dress, and Uncle Michael, Zhang Mama and Wei and Fan bargained for it while Stephan and I slipped out.  Later the vendor took a photo of the intrepid shopping expedition members.



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