Diary from China -- Saturday, July 23, 2005, Shanghai, China

Excerpted from the Diary: The Nicest Family In All of China had taught Stephan how to do his laundry and hang it to dry, and so last night we washed a few things in the sink and speared them with a long bamboo stick which we suspended in a metal frame out the window, just like most of the other residents of this tenement housing. I felt SO “in”! I just enjoyed looking out the window this morning at our neighbors, many with laundry hanging out their windows, lots of trees between us waving in the breeze. Stephan has air conditioning and a fan, so we were very comfortable the entire night.

Photo to left: Outside our window, our laundry hangs on a bamboo stick suspended over a metal frame.

Photo below: Our window (in a building out of sight to the left) overlooked an alley, where every afternoon people brought out tables and chairs and enjoyed some games.

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