(from Diary late Wednesday, November 22, 2006)

Our trip to the bat cave was very interesting to watch. It looked like a narrow, dark stream moving through the sky, weaving and waving from the small hill where the cave entrance was (we stood at the bottom of the hill) all across the horizon to the mountains in the distance. Our guide said the first time he saw them, he asked if there were Indians in the area that made smoke signals, and that is kinda what they looked like. Stephan got some video, hopefully it will convey. The bats flow out of the cave in that stream for two hours! We left after it got dark, you could still hear the low hum they made but it was faint because once the birds that were hovering around had gotten their fill, the bat-stream went higher (they had been flying low near the trees to keep away from the birds).

Sandra, Stephan and others await the bats.

Here they come! At first, the bats fly low to avoid the birds that hover above them . . .

and fly higher after the birds have had their fill. The bats are headed for the hills/mountains seen on the horizon (they are part of the Thai National Forest).

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