Tai Chi philosophy and "attacks"

Excerpted from the Diary: [Master Sun] was explaining that behind the Tai Chi is an attitude, and philosophy to have a true heart, honesty, and perseverance/dedication, and these can guide your life and help to resist attack / pressure. It made so much sense to me.

[Photo to left]: Master Sun used a glass to demonstrate how to resist attack, be it physical or emotional -- as the finger pushes against the glass, the glass is deflected to the side rather than being knocked over.

...from the Diary (continued): I then realized that my problem isn't resisting attacks I am, in a sense, the attacker. My dream is to convince my fellow Orientation and Mobility Specialists to address some of the street-crossing issues. So with my able interpreter (I can't thank Stephan enough it is his skills and willingness that enable me to have these rich, unforgettable experiences!) I asked whether Tai Chi has anything to offer to help people make an impact.

And wow yes! He thought about it carefully, then demonstrated with Stephan the kind of thinking / attitude that should be developed he put the back of his hand against Stephan's hand, and pushed but then gave way as Stephan pushed, so they ended up kind of dancing together "cooperation." He said we should understand the other people and work WITH them, in cooperation and understanding to make an impact. Wow, makes sense, huh?

[Photo to left]: Master Sun and Stephan push against each other in a "dance," demonstrating how opponents can work together in cooperation and understanding.

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