Diary from China – Wednesday July 27, 2005 – Shanghai, China


Excerpts from the Diary:  So this morning young Fan took me to the market a few blocks from home, and who did we run into there?  Grandma, getting the supplies for today’s feasts!  I got some pictures of her getting some exotic vegetables, and also, for you, Fred, I got pictures of one of the stalls where a man in a nice white lab coat was giving some kind of electric treatment to people with aching shoulders!




Many bicycle riders wore a shawl that fitted around their neck, with cuffs at the wrist.  




In the market, customers get treatment for their aching shoulders, and a craftsman makes plates.



We ran into Grandma Jiang Xiaoju doing her daily marketing to get food for our lunch.  Stephan joined us, and she posed with my young guide, her granddaughter Fan.

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